About me

I am a medical professional with a keen interest in a variety of things including investments and stock markets. You can easily identify with me if you are a young professional, having just joined a job or are looking for a job to make lilvelihood. Few years ago I was in the same position, struggling to meet my financial goals in the big bad world. Gradually after committing many mistakes, losing money and suffering many unfortunate events in life, I have come to learn a lot about personal finance, investments, stock markets, real estate and other instruments. I am not a professional finance person and have no formal financial education. What I have learnt is purely by hit and trial and by educating myself reading books. Lot of Indian youth similarly have no idea about finance and wealth building and I feel that they could be helped. This blog is an effort to reach out to millions of those young boys and girls who have started earning and don't know how to utilise and grow their earnings.

Here's me with my little angel, Aruja !!

At the personal front, I am a Psychiatrist having completed MBBS in 2006 and MD(Psychiatry) in 2016, I am working for a government hospital in Delhi. My father is a retired government official who is living on pension. We belong to Siwan dist of Bihar. I got my education from various schools across the country since my father would get posted every 3 years to a new location. Finally at the end of his service, he managed to buy a plot in Pune, and that's how we are now settled in Pune.
I am married to a beautiful lady of my dreams who taught me a lot of personal finance and management. She is a finance graduate and a PHd in microfinance. We have a 6 years old kid who is learning to cope with the school. Together we share interest in travelling, writing and off-course learning. Together, we plan to reach out to the youth of India and guide them in not only investing but to make a better life overall. Come join us in our Journey and let us learn together !